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i have a custom list in my sharepoint 2010 site. Done some customization such as adding parameters and a filter. Now my problem is that I have to use this customized list in another server where there is no designer.How can this be achieved.Please help me in this,thanks

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As SharePoint use a lot of unique IDs in pages (list's ID especially), I'm afraid you will have to recreate most of the customization by hand. –  Steve B Jan 29 '13 at 10:22

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Install SharePoint Designer on your machine and access any site that you have permissions for. SPD does not live on a server.

Re the list: in the list settings click "Save list as template", then in the Site Collection go to the Site Actions > Site Settings > Solutions. Download the solution file. Browse to the other server's site, upload to that site collection's solution gallery and activate the solution. Now you can create a list from that list template on the other server's sites.

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