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I am new to Django and I included django-registration to my project.

It works great except that when a user click on the activation link, his accounts is activated but the user is redirected to a template that says otherwise.

Here is the part :

urlpatterns = patterns('',
        {'template': 'registration/activation_complete.html'},
        {'backend': 'registration.backends.default.DefaultBackend'},

Here is the view part :

def activate(request, backend,
         success_url=None, extra_context=None, **kwargs):

    backend = get_backend(backend)
    account = backend.activate(request, **kwargs)

    if account:
        if success_url is None:
            to, args, kwargs = backend.post_activation_redirect(request, account)
            return redirect(to, *args, **kwargs)
            return redirect(success_url)

    if extra_context is None:
        extra_context = {}
    context = RequestContext(request)
    for key, value in extra_context.items():
        context[key] = callable(value) and value() or value

    return render_to_response(template_name,

The line :


returns registration_activation_complete

And here is the template :

{% extends "base.html" %}
{% load i18n %}

{% block content %}

{% if account %}

<p>{% trans "Account successfully activated" %}</p>

<p><a href="{% url auth_login %}">{% trans "Log in" %}</a></p>

{% else %}

<p>{% trans "Account activation failed" %}</p>

{% endif %}

{% endblock %}

What I suspect is that it creates the account then gets redirected to another url thanks to the line :

return redirect(to, *args, **kwargs)

Then it calls the generic views direct_to_template but at this moment the variable account does not exist anymore since it was destroyed after the redirection (that's my guess).

I would like to send the account variable to the second view but did not manage to do it.

Thank you for your help with this problem.

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your indentation is all messed up, please fix it – bouke Jan 29 '13 at 10:05
Ok, sorry about that, I fixed it, hope it's fine now, if not, please tell me – ltbesh Jan 29 '13 at 10:29
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The template has a conditional, it checks for the account variable, which is not set. Just remove the conditional and error message and you should be good to go. In django-registration 0.8, that variable is never set for the templates.

Here is a sample Activation Complete Template.

Hope this helps!

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Ok, thanks for your template, in fact I was using old templates. – ltbesh Jan 29 '13 at 14:03
Glad it helped! – msc Jan 29 '13 at 16:08

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