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I am working on some WCF services and they will be deployed to Azure, so I would like to try to accomplish as many unit tests as I can locally, in order to avoid useless roundtrips to the staging area while we run the integration tests. The services use the CQRS pattern and I have layered everything in the following way: - A bootstrapper to inject dependency into the WCF services - A command for each service method - A command handler to intercept the commands So far I can fully unit test the commands, the handlers and the bootstrapper. What I still need to write is this type of test:

public void Client_ReceiveValidCommand_WillExecute()
    var factory = new ChannelFactory<IDomainWriteService>("*");
    var service = factory.CreateChannel();
    var expectedCommand = BuildAddUsersCommand();

The problem is that this test pretends a valid endpoint in the configuration file. Is there any way that I can start something like IIS express while my test fitness starts and then plug the channel factory into this instance of IIS? I simply can't create a staging area where I can deploy my services and run my integration tests so I would prefer to follow the unit test way where possible.

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I found an interesting article here: http://www.reimers.dk/jacob-reimers-blog/testing-your-web-application-with-iis-express-and-unit-tests which explains how to host your test in IIS express and of course run IIS express within your unit tests. In this way I can simply create on fly a new instance of IIS express and host my WCF service, run the unit tests and finally destroy everything.

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