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It is any way to turn off auto focus in camera in code my application. I want to check how my scanner work if phone has no auto focus, but in my phone I have that function.

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Use FOCUS_MODE_INFINITY or FOCUS_MODE_FIXED. You can also use FOCUS_MODE_MACRO, but that will require holding your phone quite close to the object you're scanning.

On a second thought, the word 'scanner' evokes thoughts of barcodes and QR codes, so unless you print them as full-size page, you actually might be better off with FOCUS_MODE_MACRO.

You can set the desired focus mode with Camera.Parameters.setFocusMode() when opening your camera.

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You Can use mCamera.cancelAutoFocus();

Also if you want to set Macro or another Focus Mode, you shall write:

Camera.Parameters mParam = mCamera.getParameters();

All the focus mode and Camera parameters are availble here:

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