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I'm using the following code:

    public void readLevel(int line){
    AssetManager am = this.getAssets();
    InputStream is = null;
    try {
        is = am.open("levelinfo.txt");
    } catch (IOException e) {
        // TODO Auto-generated catch block
    Scanner scanner = new Scanner(is);
    String skip;
    for(int i = 1; i < line; i++){
        skip = scanner.nextLine();
    levelData = new ArrayList<Integer>();

The code is giving a FileNotFoundException. I've seen some similar problems, but I'm not quite sure how to solve it. The file is a text file inside the assets folder. Any help is appreciated


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Oops! Error on my part, I saved the .txt file without the extension. –  Andrew Seymour Jan 29 '13 at 11:17

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Try out this way:

AssetManager assetManager = getResources().getAssets();
 InputStream inputStream = null;
try {
    inputStream = assetManager.open("levelinfo.txt");
        if ( inputStream != null)
            Log.d(TAG, "It worked!");
    } catch (IOException e) {
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Thanks for the reply. Still getting the same problem, and the Log is not present in LogCat –  Andrew Seymour Jan 29 '13 at 11:05
01-29 11:07:55.839: W/System.err(6791): java.io.FileNotFoundException: levelinfo.txt I have the file saved in 'assets' which is a direct subfolder of the main package –  Andrew Seymour Jan 29 '13 at 11:09
You mean to say that you have folder inside the assets folder and in that folder your file is located? like assets/folder/file.txt ? Is that so ? –  GrIsHu Jan 29 '13 at 11:17
No, it was just a very simple mistake. I read some other questions and looked for a more complicated problem rather than checking the simplest thing. Read my comment above, thanks for all the help though –  Andrew Seymour Jan 29 '13 at 11:30
Welcome ... Glad to help you :) –  GrIsHu Jan 29 '13 at 11:38

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