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I've been stuck on this for couple of days. I'm building a voting plugin, where users vote for candidates in districts, and the candidates belong to age range. Each district has a defined number of seats.

So i have the Districts entity, and the Age Range entity, (of course the candidates entity too).

So when I create the districts, I have to add a number of seats. Each seat belongs to an Age Range. Example:

Districts 1 has 5 seats. Seat1 belongs to Range1 Seat2 belongs to Range2 Seat3 belongs to Range1 Seat4 belongs to Range1 Seat5 belongs to Range3

I tried a many to many relationship between the districts and the age ranges, of course it created a bridge table, but the thing is, i can't add multiple seats for the same Range!

Any idea how to solve this?



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How About having:

  • A District entity
  • A Seat entity
  • A Age Range entity

So each district will be associated to a number of seats with a ManyToOne relationship and each seat will be associated to an Age Range with a ManyToOne relationship.

That way you could have multiple seats for the same age range.

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I tried so, but how to set that in form? let's say i have 5 seats, i'd display 5 drop down menus of the Age Range lists, and select from them. How can that happen? –  Emma Jan 29 '13 at 11:26

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