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I am looking to develop a service oriented architecture and I would really like to have services which can be plugged and unplugged dynamically as well as location transparency. I am very surprised to discover that Mule ESB, one of the most important players in the ESB industry does not provide any service registry features.

Is Service registry an important component of an SOA architecture and what are the best tools and practice to implement it?

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Building SOAP and JAX-WS based services is already complex enough.

Use if WSDL should be suffice so that clients can directly interact with the service end-point ot obtain the service-contract .

Introdcution of ServiceRegistry is another layer of complexity you are introducing to the System (SOA).

IMO, implement REST service even if you have slightest possibility.

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Thanks, I can go with REST. What about deploying/undeploying webservices and locatin transparency? –  Edmondo1984 Jan 29 '13 at 11:11

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