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I am designing a HTML page where i have an editor where users write some text or they can paste some information. But what i need is whenever the data is pasted it should be formatted according to my requirements and should be pasted.

For ex:- we should be able to know that user have pasted this content instead of typing it self. (formatting like left and right indentation, or pasted content in quotes etc..)

I am using tinyMCE but dont know how to implement it.

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You might want to check out the paste plugin. This plugin needs to be configured properly. have a look here for the documentation.

EDIT: Example to log the pasted content and to modify the pasted result:

    paste_preprocess : function(pl, o) {
        console.log('Object', o);
        console.log('Content:', o.content);
        o.content = '<span>' + o.content + ' TEST</span>';

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