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I need to store 32 bit unsigned integers in a matrix.

When I try to create the matrix:

Mat frameV(frameT1.rows-2*R, frameT1.cols-2*R, CV_32UC1 );

this gives compilation error :

error C2065: 'CV_32UC1' : undeclared identifier

Although CV_8UC1 works but I need CV_32UC1.

I am using MSVC 2010 and OpenCV 2.4.3.

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There is no CV_32U defined in OpenCV. You can use CV_32S when creating a matrix, while use the elements as unsigned integers. – luhb Jan 29 '13 at 11:44
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There is no such type as CV_32UC1. This is because OpenCV does not support 32 bit unsigned int type. The largest integral type supported by OpenCV is 32 bit int which can be specified by the CV_32SC1.

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Here you can find a complete list of matrix data types.

According to that article, 32 bit depth matrices should be signed or float. OpenCV does not support unsigned 32 bit depth matrices.

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