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I am currently working on a single-page web application. The web app will make calls to a REST-like API for authentication and data storage. We are currently in the middle of securing the application, and have worked out a strategy securing the site so only registered users can gain access. But one thing we also want to do is securing the API from others to write their own applications, or access it in any other way than through our web application. The problem from my view is that the API will be open for everybody and not only for my web application.

Anyone who knows how to do this, or who can point me in the right direction. Because right now, don't have a clue.

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Considered using certificates and validation?

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Your API should only be accessible, if the session of the client is authorized. That's pretty much anything you could do.

There are complex approaches like using client- and server-side encryption or something really basic: render a secret in your webpage that validates the user again on every request. You could check the headers, where the original request comes from. And so on...

But as most of that is public in a users browser, anyone could read it and adopt it in a third party app.

So save yourself and the people that really want to do a third party app some time and provide a public API :)

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