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Hi I'm trying to get data in excel with eexcelview . I have added the code in controller

$query = " some query from 4 tables ";
$dataProvider=new CSqlDataProvider($query, array(
                                    'col5'  ),),));
$this->widget('application.extensions.EExcelView', array(
        'dataProvider'=> $dataprovider,

My understanding is when this action is called, it will directly ask me to save excel report. But instead I'm getting error The "dataProvider" property cannot be empty.,

100      * Initializes the view.
101      * This method will initialize required property values and instantiate {@link columns} objects.
102      */
103     public function init()
104     {
105         if($this->dataProvider===null)
106             throw new CException(Yii::t('zii','The "dataProvider" property cannot be empty.'));

Also, same $dataprovider in CGridView works fine.

What is wrong in my code ?

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PHP variables are case sensitive. So you must change your code to

$this->widget('application.extensions.EExcelView', array(
        'dataProvider'=> $dataProvider,
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Thanks for sorting it out. –  Netro Jan 30 '13 at 6:00

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