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I added an attachment to appointment. But when I try to get appointment by GetItem API method I recieve an appointment without Content node. I don't want to use GetAttachment method because it cost me one additional request to the server. Can I get attachments' content by GetItem method?

    <t:AttachmentId Id="AAMkADMzZjU2NjIwLWUzOWItNDFlZC1hNDY5LTIwNTVlODdjM2E4YwBGAAAAAAD3/WwqN7V6Saz7jIDwyy6pBwB0enfRGC/+T5l033DSyikwAAAA5OxPAAB0enfRGC/+T5l033DSyikwAAAA5RW8AAABEgAQAMWyPz5NHRZAmn0OqOSsLew=" /> 
    <t:ContentId /> 
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There http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/exchange/aa565934(v=exchg.80).aspx I have found such information:

The GetItem operation does not return attachments. It does return metadata about an attached item or file. To return an attachment, use the GetAttachment Operation.

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