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I have a two models as:

Product { has_may variants}

Variant {belongs to product}

I used Sunspot search, and in result I retrieved selected variants, now I want this result as my search result contains the each Product who's one or more variant is retrieved by the search.

code sample of search is as follows:

@search = do
  keywords params[:keywords]      
  with :is_active, true  
  with  :deleted_at,nil
  if params[:ah].present? && params[:al].present?
    (Date.parse(params[:al])..Date.parse(params[:ah])).each do |d|
    with :f2r_available_on, d.to_time
@products = @search.results
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Let me first clarify: in your code above, @search.results is an array of variant records returned from your search, and you want to get all products associated with one or more of these variants?

If so, then this should do that:

@products = Product.where(:id =>
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it gives me error as : uninitialized constant Spree::ProductsController::Product – Gopal S Rathore Jan 30 '13 at 6:45
What is your product model called? Perhaps Spree::Product? If so, then: @products = Spree::Product.where(:id => – shioyama Jan 30 '13 at 6:57

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