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We have an external tool which produces swf's with an animation. This animation is stored in the swf file not with keyframes, but entirely with actionscript.

We want to convert swf to video through a library or a commandline tool on a (virtual) server.

Our supplier of the swf producing tool has done some research into swf->video converters which can interpret actionscript animation and has recommended the [moyea swf to video sdk] tool. 1

Do you know any other tools/library's that accomplish this task?

A little context about why the moyea tool does not work for us:

This tool works except for the enviroment where we want to run it. We have been trying to get this tool working on a virtual server environment where this tool is started by our windows service. (When a file is uploaded to our server we have a filewatcher which triggers a call to the commandline-moyea-sdktool and starts the conversion). We are stranded in our implementation because it does not seem to work on a virtual machine. We receive an undocumented error and unfortunately the chinese supplier is not much help in the helpdesk department.

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we had our implementation up and running on windows 7 and all of a sudden it stopped working. Maybe this had something to do with win7sp1 being rolled out by microsoft. Anyway were stuck with an error 50 (even after decompiling the delphi program flashcapture.exe) untill we found a thread on the root site of moyea moyeamedia.com/forum and found that to get it up and running on windows server 2008 we needed to install the windows feature "desktop experience". This hint didn't help us on making it work on windows 7 so we ended up moving our server to windows server 2008. –  sjors miltenburg Mar 28 '13 at 15:21
Recently our windows server 2008 - with "desktop experience" solution also has stopped working. What makes it fail this time is still unknown. It could be some combination of windows update / flash update / something unknown. We really want to leave the Moyea tool badly. The problem is that an alternative is very hard to find. –  sjors miltenburg Jun 10 '13 at 10:50

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We had problems with Moyea's commandline tool swf2videocmd.exe as well when running a Windows VM on a VMware ESX server. Multiple Windows versions were tested (Win7 (prof64bit, ent64bit) Win2k3R2 32bit, Win2k8R2 64bit), all unsuccessfully.

The error we kept getting was "Error code 50" which according to the documentation means that the capture application has failed (no solutions are given btw...).

Eventually, after trying to understand the internals of the tool, we let one requirement go, namely that we wanted output videos with no sound (which one achieves by setting the "-an" command line parameter).

This solved the problem, even when calling the converter from a Windows service on all VM's except Win2k8, which does not seem compatible with Moyea software.



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Try out Flabaco (Flash-Banner-Converter.Com), an online SWF to Video converter.

It handles Action Script based animations. However if the frame count in the swf meta is zero or very small, Flabaco converts the first 12 seconds; else, it wouldn't know when to stop.

Video is generated in mp4, webm and ogg formats to ensure playback on HTML5 devices.

Flabaco is capable of generating HD video, does its best to preserve the original quality. Technically, it can handle large resolutions but is restricted due to limited server resources, being a free-of-charge service.

Being built on a cloud infrastructure, Flabaco can scale up if needed, although there's no interface for doing this yet.

Drawback is that it doesn't support sound (yet)

I'll be glad to help out if needed.



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Don't use online converters...waste of your time...the absolute BEST .swf to video program was SPECIFICALLY developed for animators...I believe it will be the best thing for you.

Other programs drop frames or quality and also BARELY support actionscript, if at all. I highly recommend SWIVEL via Newgrounds for basic conversion or all-out compression of any .swf you want in a video format that will handle AS2/AS3. Viva la Newgrounds.


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unless of course you use linux, which is why you are looking for a command line program....Adobe pulled support of their AIR program (which Swivel needs) from Linux some time ago...in which case I apologize. –  PoisonHeart Apr 24 '13 at 17:11

Swivel is really nice :-)

Adding another link to the mix - have a look at: http://swfrenderer.kurst.co.uk/ ( disclaimer - I am the author of SWFRenderer ) .

Version 1.0 of SWFRenderer is free and still available to download.

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