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I have many reports which I designed in VS 2010 Pro, now I only have VS 2012 Express, when I open the report it only opens as an XML file. I have been looking for solutions for ages without any success.

  • How can I view the designer (I tried installing Sql Server 2008 Express /w Advance Services) ?
  • Are there any external designers that can see the custom Data Types? (I have tried fyiReporting)
  • If both of the above are not possible, then is there anywhere I can find out how to edit the file by hand?

Many thanks.

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If your reports were designed in VS 2010 that implies they are in SQL Server 2012 format. I would try SQL Server 2012 Express. It includes Report Designer via the Express edition of Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS).

The RDL specification is also available on MSDN if you prefer.

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