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I'm new to FuelPHP and I did a little coding with it! What I did was create a simple controller and created two methods. One for action_index() and the other is action_add(). the code is given below. Views are already in the app\views\ folder.

 class Controller_Student extends Controller
    public function action_index()
        return Response::forge(View::forge('index'));

    public function action_add()
        return Response::forge(View::forge('select'));

I've set the root to this controller class. When I run the application the index works fine and loads the directed view. But when I give the following URL


the method doesn't get called! A 404 error is give saying

 You can see this page because the URL you are accessing cannot be found.

What Am I doing wrong here. I've gone through every documentation, tutorial I find but I shouldn't get this type of an error. Please help me.

Below is the routing file code :

   return array(
'_root_'  => 'student',  // The default route
'_404_'   => 'welcome/404',    // The main 404 route
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You've set the root to student controller, but that doesn't mean all traffic goes through that controller. Try visiting: http://localhost/project/public/student/add/

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you are the man! :D Can you explain me what this routing is all about! it would help me a lot! –  Dimal Chandrasiri Jan 29 '13 at 12:46
fuelphp.com/docs/general/routing.html can explain better than I can. You can think of _root_ in this case as the home page. You've set it to a controller, so it defaults to the index action. You could have set it to student/bob/joe/phil, or any number of things, it bares absolutely no relation to any other routes other than /. There are ways to route everything through one controller, but it is very much discouraged. Glad it's sorted –  mikemike Jan 29 '13 at 12:50
thanks for the info! I'll go through it now! :) –  Dimal Chandrasiri Jan 29 '13 at 12:52

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