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We've recently adapted the following common structure for most of our internal solutions:


where Services, Repositories and Web only have direct references to Interfaces and Models projects. All dependencies are managed via an IoC container (we've created a custom wrapper in our internal framework). Of course, Services and Repositories might have their own sets of external dependencies.

Now, when we deploy the Web MVC project, we obviously need to have all the necessary DLLs in the bin folder. Because there're no direct dependencies from the Web project to specific implementations, I've ended up writing a simple post-build script for the Services and the Repositories projects, which copy all the relevant DLLs to the bin folder of the Web (or any other consuming project). I then need to include the relevant DLLs in the project and mark them as Content.

Obviously, this isn't the most comfortable way to manage dependencies on deployment.

What I'd like to know is whether there's a better way to solve this issue.

Note: At this point, we don't have a CI server, and none is planned in the immediate future.

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If all of the following assumptions are true :

  • the convention in your team is to never use implementations inside Services and Repositories directly from Web
  • this convention is well understood and followed
  • you don't need to reference different implementations for different deployments

then go for the easy way and just reference those projects in the Web project.

Otherwise, you're stuck with post build events.

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