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i have a xml file like

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<child id="1" value="Root Catalog" parent_id="0">
  <child id="2" value="Apparel" parent_id="1">
  <child id="4" value="Shirts" parent_id="2"/>
<child id="5" value="Pants" parent_id="2"/>
<child id="3" value="Accessories" parent_id="1">
  <child id="6" value="Handbags" parent_id="3"/>
  <child id="7" value="Jewelry" parent_id="3"/>
<child id='1110'>
   <child id='1111' value="test" parent_is="1110">
       <child id="1005" value="test1" parent_is="1111"/>
       <child id="1006" value="test12" parent_is="1111"/>
       <child id="1007" value="test123" parent_is="1111"/>
<child >

i am using jquery to find a particular nodes children

i have written this code to find the child of the node where id=1111 and value=test

        type: "GET",
        url: "test.xml",
        dataType: "xml",
        success: function(xml) {
                var i = $(this).attr('value');


it gives me only one name which is it self

while i need in output three name which is its child element

which is test1, tets12, test123

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I suppose you want to use .children().

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