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There is a table called TBL. in the database with 3 columns namely

  • Project
  • Benefit
  • Complexity

and the sample data will be like below

Project Benefit   Complexity
Prj1    High        Easy
Prj2    High        Medium 
Prj3    Medium      Easy      
Prj4    Low         Easy         
Prj5    High        Medium 
Prj6    Low         Easy

I want a query to output the result as below

Benefit Complexity Projectcount 
High    Easy         1 
High    Medium       2  
Medium  Easy         1
Low     Easy         2

I want an SQL query in order to count the number of project for each couple of Benefit/complexity and to get the output as above .

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what SQL flavour do you use? –  Bogdan Gavril Jan 29 '13 at 13:07
Questions ask here should be beneficial to future visitors. IMO this wouldn't be. –  Ash Burlaczenko Jan 29 '13 at 13:09

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use COUNT() aggregate function and grouped them by Benefit and Complexity.

SELECT  Benefit, Complexity, COUNT(*) ProjectCount
GROUP   BY Benefit, Complexity

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SELECT Benefit, Complexity, COUNT(1) AS NumberOfProjects
GROUP BY  Benefit, Complexity

Or do

GROUP BY Complexity, Benefit

Note that GROUP BY will do the aggregation based on the order of the columns you give it. So in the first sample it would group projects by benefit and for each benefit group split it by Complexity. In the second example it groups it by Complexity and then the groups are split by benefit. For count you get the same result.

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