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i was looking for some namespace extention to extend using c# (.net) but didn't find much help online except Galaxy Filesystem tooklkit. which are vc++ based but comes with c# and java wrapper classes... which helps me alot to start and i did.

i have extended that enough now and made installer to install. it get installed successfully but don't know why, when i open it, system get stuck... :( i thought my modified version might have some problem so i tried to run Galaxy filesystem toolkit's author original version and it responded in same way as mine do :D :(

now feeling bit helpless as even author is not responding my queries regarding my queries for some reason...

any help would be really appreciated....

FYI: i need to have Gmail drive like stuff...

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Do not implement shell extensions with C# or anything that uses a framework.

If you do, you will break a lot of applications!

See here for why you must not do that.

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He isn't implementing it in C#. I was thinking of using the Galaxy kit myself. Are there any alternatives? i.e. A c++ extension which can be used as a proxy for a C# app. –  jgauffin Dec 31 '09 at 12:04
The latest .Net 4.0 runtime supports in process side-by-side loading of the .Net 4.0 runtime (and ALL future runtimes) with earlier .Net runtimes. See following excerpt from msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/ee819091.aspx "With the ability to have multiple runtimes in process with any other runtime, we can now offer general support for writing managed shell extensions—even those that run in-process with arbitrary applications on the machine." –  logicnp Feb 23 '10 at 8:16

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