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I have a class in src/Java whose class file needs to be copied (or compiled) to a classes folder in my externalConfig folder from the target-eclipse folder - which is not visible in GGTS.

My specific requirement is that I need the class file to be available for Liquibase to invoke as a CustomTaskChange on a deployment platform.

Is there something I can code that would copy any class files in a specific package name into my target classes folder? Any solution that avoids having to go outside GGTS would be welcome. I have tried the Resouce perspective, but target-eclipse isn't shown.

Regards, John

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You can use the grails script to do execute by an event. You can use the command

 grails create-script scriptClassName....

or by naming convention, create a file called _Event.groovy under the /scripts directory. In this groovy file, create event methods. For example (this would be called when a war file is created:

In scripts/_Event.groovy

eventCreateWarStart = { warName, myDir ->
println 'EVENT CALLED!'

File libDir = new File("${myDir}/WEB-INF/lib/")
if (grailsEnv != "development") {
    libDir.eachFileMatch( ~/^(my_class_name).*\.class$/) { File classToCopy ->
        println "Put code to copy file ${classToCopy}"
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Thanks a lot for your answer. I will try it out on my train journey in the morning. John – John Ormerod Jan 30 '13 at 22:12
Many thanks. This worked a treat. In fact I found a simple way to copy the files, preserving the package folders, by using Antbuilder. – John Ormerod Feb 5 '13 at 13:46
It would be nice if you accept the answer. It also helps with your percentage. – ibaralf Feb 13 '13 at 22:51

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