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I am using a propertyDescriptor to attach a handler on each properties of an instance. When one of these properties change, the handler method will be called except in one case (here's the problem) : when the value is a string and this string is empty or contains only white spaces.

I must perform this case to update IsEnabled property of my Save button.

foreach (PropertyDescriptor propertyDescriptor in TypeDescriptor.GetProperties(this.MyInstance))
    propertyDescriptor.RemoveValueChanged(this.MyInstance, this.MyMethod);

For example, when i edit the first name of an user and remove his first name, my save button must be disabled.

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I found a new behavior.

All properties are used with bindings in a WPF application. MyMethod is called only if the UpdateSourceTrigger property is set to LostFocus. With PropertyChanged value, it doesn't. For some properties, I must used the PropertyChanged value : for dynamic ValidationRules in exemple.

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