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Is there a canonical site/book/article I could go to that discusses the hundred of existing Java Web Frameworks out there, and which objectively compares their strengths, features and weaknesses?

Note that I am not asking which framework is the best. Others have already done so. I'm looking for a comparative review of the existing frameworks.

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So you want us to google for you or what? –  Bombe Sep 22 '09 at 6:29
Voting to close. There are dozens of Java Web frameworks out there. This question is way too broad. Fact is, you're simply going to have to do some research and/or provide some requirements/constraints and maybe someone can narrow it down to a few to look at. –  cletus Sep 22 '09 at 6:40
@Bombe pray do. If you have more success than me let me know. None of the answers given below showed up. –  lindelof Sep 22 '09 at 9:48

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Matt Raible, of appfuse fame has done a nice comparison for you.

It compares the most popular frameworks in many aspects (from the comparison):

  • List Screens: How easy is it to code pageable,sortable lists?
  • Bookmarkability: Can users bookmark pages and return to them easily?
  • Validation: How easy is it to use and does it support client-side (JavaScript) validation?
  • Testability: How easy is it to test Controllers out of container?
  • Post and Redirect: How does the framework handle the duplicate post problem?
  • Spring Integration: Does the framework support using Spring in the middle tier; how easily?
  • Internationalization: How is i18n supported and how easy is it to get messages in Controllers?
  • Page Decoration: What sort of page decoration composition mechanisms does the framework support?
  • Tools: Is there good tool (particularly IDE) support for the framework?
  • Marketability of Skills: If you learn the framework, will it help you get a job?
  • Job Count: What is the demand for framework skills on
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Well, have you tried Wikipedia? There's a "comparison of features" table..

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