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I tried to use sort-object cmdlet to sort processes by Id's here:

Get-Process | Sort-Object -Property Id

and it works well. In any other example I found, sorting works fine, but when I try to sort employees by their employeeID from Active Directory with this one-liner:

Get-QADUser -IncludeAllProperties -SerializeValues | ? {?_.Mail} | select employeeID | sort-object -property employeeID

I get something like this:

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Get-QADUser returns eployeeId as a string, thus sort uses string sorting mechanism. To sort employeeIds as integers - just cast property to this type:

Get-QADUser -IncludeAllProperties | Sort-Object { [int]$_.employeeId } | select Name, employeeid 
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Thank you, BartekB! –  culter Jan 29 '13 at 15:03

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