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Does varnish keep a crash / restart log?

I am currently monitoring a varnish server and it seems to restart every week or so, when CPU usage reaches about 100% (load gets a bit high - about 6~7 on a 2 cores machine) and IO wait takes an avg of 45% of CPU time.

Am I missing any configuration or predefined behavior? Does it mean that I have a bottleneck in my hardware causing varnish failures?


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When the child dies you should see a message in syslog. It will say something like Child exited.... Varnish is good about keeping track of the child, so when it does crash it will be immediately restarted and it should log it.

Load of 6-7 seems high. If you are using file backed storage I suggest switching to malloc. If you need more cache space, get a box with more memory. Use the nuking behavior as your guide (varnishstat -1 | grep nuke). If the value there reported by varnish is 0 your cache size is sufficient.

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