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I just started using Blender yesterday so please go easy. I'm using Blender 2.64a on OS X.

I created this scene: a single plane and a playing card (a flattened cube).

The top and bottom faces of cube each have their own material and texture (the card face images). In the example render I simply duplicated a card and then rotated it so that I could see its "back".

The back texture is inverted while the front face is correct. I'm obviously doing something wrong.

I haven't changed any other settings.

Thank you in advance, CS

enter image description here

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Double check that your "mapping" properties are set up properly. The default viewport in blender always shows UV-mapped textures, even if the material uses a generated mapping.

A hot tip is to turn on GLSL in the viewport, since that will more accurately display your materials than Multitextured.

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Probably the normals are wrong. To check this go in edit mode and enable Normals: / Face. Select all faces or vertices and recalculate them. If there are still normals ponting in the wrong direction you need to flip them manually.

Have a look at the 2nd part of blender export / one sided polygons to get more details and screenshots.

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Thanks for the help - really appreciate it. I have looked at the face and vertex normals and they appear to be correct. Even if I "Flip Direction" and "Recalculate" the texture is still inverted in the resulting render. Please see goo.gl/O5w3v –  RobertJoseph Jan 29 '13 at 22:32
Sounds like you have to mirror the texture in UV editor –  Kay Jan 30 '13 at 9:24

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