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hope you can help me out on this one, I am fairly new to bash, so I search and find a lot of examples on which I work on but I am a bit stuck here.

I have 2 scripts.

script1.sh one works fine: it downloads the rss feed of a youtube playlist containing title, artist and url of tracks, downloads these items and store them into playlist.txt.

The thing is, I have other youtube playlists and if I want to use a different rss feed page, I need to manually change the url of the playlist in script1.sh.

So I am writing script2.sh that will download the url with all the different playlists rss feeds and then send them one after the other to script1.sh.

The playlist urls are something like that:


So far I have managed on script2.sh to gather the names and hashtags of my 5 playlists in a playlists.txt like this:

  • "playlist1" PLYNrAD9Jn2WDWZFp23G3a2tkOBtdeNAbc6
  • "playlist2" PLYNrAD9Jn2WCf54CoS22kn3pBX1XUFinE

I also managed to create one text file per playlist and named them from the playlist's name. What I want to do now is send one hashtag after the other each to script1.sh and make it output the urls, title and artist of each playlist in each adequate file. I need to make each one of the lines, in playlists.txt, a variable and pass them into the url of script1.sh but dont really understand how to do that.

I hope I am clear. I can answer any of your question to clarify something I missed.

Thank you in advance

EDIT: I just started writing bash so I am really shit, these must seem really ugly to you. Sorry in advance :)




download url rss feed page to utube

wget -O $HOME/Music/"Youtube Playlist"/utube $url 2>&1

extract titles from the downloaded page into temp0 use xml_grep in xml-twig-tools

xml_grep 'title' utube --text_only > temp0

extract urls to temp2

grep -o 'href=['"'"'"][^"'"'"']*&feature=youtube_gdata' utube  > temp

strip urls to bare minimum for clarity: www.example.com

sed "s/href='http\?:\/\///" temp > temp1
sed "s/&feature=youtube_gdata//" temp1 > temp2

merge URL and Title temp files in same file output.txt

paste temp2 temp0 > output.txt



download page source with all playlists infos

wget -O "$HOME/Music/Youtube Playlist"/Playlists/collection $url 2>&1

extract name of playlists

grep -o 'data-context-item-title=......................' collection > tmp0

strip urls to bare minimum for clarity

sed 's/data-context-item-title=//' tmp0 > tmp2
sed 's/" d...*$/"/' tmp2 > tmp3

Remove spaces and \

sed 's/^[ \t]*//' tmp3 > tmp4
sed 's/\///' tmp4 > tmp5

extract playlists ID to tmp

grep -o 'href="/playlist?list=..................................' collection  > tmp

strip urls to bare minimum for clarity

sed 's/href="\/playlist?list=//' tmp > tmp1

create file with names of playlists and hashtags

paste tmp4 tmp1 > playlists.txt

Create files with playlist names

cat tmp4 | xargs touch

What comes next here for passing hashtags in playlists.txt into script1.sh and get titles, artists and urls

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Show us the juicy code you got thus far and point out a problem. That way we can help you, rather than do your coding for you. –  favoretti Jan 29 '13 at 14:33

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while read line
  sh script1.sh $line
done < script2.sh
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Thank you for your help. Question though. Once it is done, I want to only run script2.sh. It will take care of calling script1.sh on its own. Will you answer work as well? –  user1983400 Jan 29 '13 at 14:42
Sure. For example you could save the data in a temporary file (tmp_file) and script2.sh could be like: while read line; do sh script1.sh $line; done < tmp_file. –  fedorqui Jan 29 '13 at 14:54
Thanks! But what I dont understand is I have two items in tmp_file, the name and the hashtag, how can I attribute one different variable to each. Like $name and $line –  user1983400 Jan 29 '13 at 17:54
I see you asked it in Send 2 parameters to a script –  fedorqui Jan 29 '13 at 22:18
Just reviewed this ooold answer of mine and guessed: @user1983400 did it help you? –  fedorqui Apr 29 at 14:57

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