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I have a script which shall copy a big file (>100MB). This copying takes ~ 2seconds, so I want display a text ('start') before copying begins and another text ('end') when copying is finished. This is my code:

def copy(self,event):
    wx.StaticText(self.startpanel, -1, 'start', (80,110))
    if not(os.path.exists(path2)):
    wx.StaticText(self.startpanel, -1, 'end', (80,150))

problem: when event copy is called, then nothing is displayed on my panel for 2 seconds and after these 2 seconds (when copy is complete) both StaticTexts appear at the same time! Why does my first StaticText not appear before copying the zip-file and how can I solve this?

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You are blocking your GUI thread by long running task in event handler. You should use multi-threading. See description here. Also wx.lib.delayedresult library is very useful.

So basically my solution would be: Set your label to "start" and start worker tread using wx.lib.delayedresult. Worker thread should copy the file. When it finishes, the consumer function is going to be called. You set your label to "end" in the consumer function.

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Thank you, this helped me! –  Munchkin Jan 30 '13 at 8:28

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