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I want to change this form from form_tag to form_for and thus I will be able to use two submit buttons in the same form.How can I change it ?


- form_tag bulk_content_destroy_admin_project_path(params[@project.id]), :method => "get" do
            -if @entries.length == 0
              %h1 Theres is no design in project.
              %input.select_all{:type => "checkbox"}
              = submit_tag "Delete All", :style => "margin-bottom: 10px;" 
                -@entries.each  do |p|
                  %li.gallery_list{ :id => 'entry_' + p.id.to_s }
                      = check_box_tag "designs_ids[]", p.id, false, :class => "chose_data"
                      %a.group{:href => p.design_url(:original) }
                        =image_tag(p.design_url(:_300px), {:title => p.title, :width => '300px', :height => '225px' }) 
                        ="#" + p.entry_no.to_s +  " - " +  p.title 
                          -if p.withdrawn? 
                              Design is withdrawn
                            Designer :
                            =link_to p.owner.user_name, admin_users_profile_path(p.owner) if p.owner
                            Rating :
                            =link_to "Download File", p.design_url(:original)
                          -if p.view_in_showcase == true
                            =link_to "Remove from top", showcase_admin_project_path(:id => p.project_id, :content_id => p.id)
                            =link_to "Add to top", showcase_admin_project_path(:id => p.project_id, :content_id => p.id)
                            = link_to "Delete", content_destroy_admin_project_path(:id => p.project_id, :content_id => p.id, :page => params[:page]) 
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Good luck to you! –  MrYoshiji Jan 29 '13 at 14:59

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form_tag and form_for helpers in rails what you can do with form_for same can be done using form_tag.

You can use single form(form_tag) with two different submit button. Once you submit the form you can check in controller action which submit button was clicked using params[:commit] . Based on this you can perform your task.

For example:

 <%= submit_tag 'Delete All', :name => 'delete_all' %>
 <%= submit_tag 'your other submit', :name => 'other_submit' %>

 if params[:delete_all] #in controller
   #do something
 elsif params[:other_submit]
   #do something


# if you don't want to give name attribute
 commit_action = params[:commit].gsub(' ', '_').downcase
 if commit_action.eql? 'delete_all'
   #do something
 elsif commit_action.eql? 'other_commit'
   #do something

form_for is used when you want form to know model attributes. Other than that its a normal form. form_tag is a basic form.

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Now,I have different problem. def bulk_content_destroy if params[:other_submit] render :action => :other_submit end end def other_submit redirect_to :back, :notice => "Text Text" end But,when I click other_submit button,there is a Missing template admin/projects/other_submit with error. –  Johnny Cash Jan 29 '13 at 16:32
you don't need to do render :action => :other_submit. You just call the function other_submit'. –  codeit Jan 29 '13 at 16:37
thank you check it –  Johnny Cash Jan 29 '13 at 17:13

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