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I want to pass a user defined data type(a complex data type- an object say) to asmx web service from my android app. I have tried of sending primitive data

types and works fine. When I am trying to send the object it self as it is then I got the following error. (See link below)


and here is the code I am using to call the web service http://pastie.org/5936733

and this is my class Implementation http://pastie.org/5936414 and

another class implementation is here http://pastie.org/5936586.

Note: Every thing works fine when I send the data with primitive data types but when I send the data with my class object it is throwing an exception.

Please any onc could try to tell me what may be the problem. I was on this problem for last 4 days but could not resolve it still.

Thanks Ganesh

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You have posted too much code. You should pick the most important bits and include as embedded snippets and not link to another page. –  conor Jan 29 '13 at 15:08
yes but to know the exactly what I am doing and pasting the code here is causing to see a lengthy and let my query be simple and people can see the whole code in another link without any horizontal scrolling. @conor –  Ganesh Jan 29 '13 at 15:38

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You need a way to serialize/write your data so that it can be parsed and converted back to objects on the receiving side (asmx web service).

Popular approaches are to use JSON/XML for text based solutions i.e. human readable. There are also solutions for serializing the data to binary. I only have experience with Google protocol buffers, which worked quite well for me.

For the JSON approach you basically have a read and write method in each class you wish to transfer. These methods are used to convert your object to and from your desired format (JSON/XML).

Hope that helps.

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I have done that part also but the error is still persists Object json; Gson gson = new Gson(); json= gson.toJson(thisitm); but this does not works I added external jar files to my library. @conor –  Ganesh Jan 29 '13 at 15:37

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