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I have a django application with tastypie. One of the models in my app has a DecimalField. When I get a response from the API in JSON format, all the decimal fields appear as strings instead of numbers:

For example I get:

objects: [
        id: "1",
        my_decimal_field: "84.54"

instead of

objects: [
        id: "1"
        my_decimal_field: 84.54

This also happens with the id field.

¿Any thoughts?

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I also have the same problem: decimal fields are returned as strings. You can call parseFloat at client level but it isn't very effective when writing a function called for every returned data. Any improvement about this issue? –  erbihanka Feb 25 '13 at 12:55

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In JavaScript, JSON decodes to double-precision floating point format, which causes a loss of precision. Decimal objects are encoded to string to maintain precision.

If you want to encode to JSON number format, you can use a FloatField.

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