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I am having a hell of a time implementing the IParcelable interface with Mono for android. My latest problem is reading the values that I have written to a Parcel. Standard types such as Strings, Integers etc. are no problem. I can write and read values perfectly. But, when I try to read values out a list of my own defined class MyType

List<MyType> MyTypes;
parcel.ReadList(MyTypes, null);

I get the following error

Android.OS.BadParcelableException: ClassNotFoundException when unmarshalling: cinterface.MyType

I guess this is because of the default classloader, which does not know about the type of items in the list. The documentation states that null value used as the second parameter of ReadList uses the default classloader. I would like to use a custom classloader pointing to my class cinterface.MyType, but I have no idea how I could do this. Any help is highly appreciated.

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Take a look at Xamarins official sample here: https://github.com/xamarin/monodroid-samples/blob/master/ExportAttribute/ExportAttributeTest/MainActivity.cs It shows how to implement IParcelable.

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