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Hi I'm trying to find out if an address exists in a City+Province+Country using google's maps API v3 geocoding webservice. I've seen that Google always returns something. For example, if I try to find an existing address: "Colon 100, Córdoba, Córdoba, Argentina" using:,C%C3%B3rdoba,C%C3%B3rdoba,Argentina&sensor=false I get a something. But when I try to find and non existing address like, "nonexistingaddres 2, Córdoba, Córdoba, Argentina" using :,C%C3%B3rdoba,C%C3%B3rdoba,Argentina&sensor=false I also get a result. I'dont know how to find out if "nonexisting" street exists or not by just analyzing the google's response. Thanks in advance, Mono.

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possible duplicate of Address validation using Google Maps API –  geocodezip Jan 29 '13 at 16:06
I'm not trying to actually validate and address. I don't want to show any result because Google didn't find the correct street. If street doesn't exists then I don't want to display it. –  Mono Jan 29 '13 at 16:51

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The Google Maps API v3 geocoder is not an address validator. Its purpose is to find the best coordinates for a given (postal) address.

That doesn't stop people from trying to use it

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I know this question is old, but I figured I'd answer it anyway for people still looking. The best way to handle this in my experience is to look at the API response. I don't use Google Maps for address verification, just for finding coordinates, but I need to fail properly if the address someone has provided isn't valid (at least as far as Google is concerned), since it won't return usable latitude/longitude for my app to consume.

In PHP, I do something like this:

   public static function  latlong($location) {

        if ($location!='') {
            try {
                $json = file_get_contents(''.urlencode($location));
                $parsedjson = json_decode($json, true);

                if (key_exists(0,$parsedjson['results'])) {
                    $lat_long_array = $parsedjson['results'][0]['geometry']['location'];
                    return $lat_long_array;
                } else {
                    return false;
            } catch (Exception $e) {
                //echo 'Caught exception: ',  $e->getMessage(), "\n";
                return false;


Hope that helps any Googlers who end up here.

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