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I would like to be able to use knitr to produce a structured PDF file. I did not see anything unless the input file is Sweave format. This question may be too vague but I really like to know right from knitr, is it possible to create a structured PDF output file without using any Sweave or LaTeX?

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Everybody loves being greedy (spend less, get more), but this kind of questions are often hard to answer. If such a perfect approach exists, LaTeX should be dying now. Anyway, take a look at R Markdown and Pandoc, and at the end of the day, you will come back to LaTeX; you just cannot kill the beast. –  Yihui Jan 29 '13 at 19:24

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Try using command knit2pdf if you haven't already.

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note deleted answer (which should have been a comment): "The knit2pdf answer does not work (as I experienced myself) because knit2pdf uses texi2pdf to call pdflatex and therefore requires latex (and not markdown as the OP seems to imply) as input." –  Ben Bolker Jan 15 at 23:27

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