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I'm doing a 3d plot of values, and comparing them all against one single point. I'd like to have this single point clearly labelled in the graphs. Everything I've tried creates a plane that intersects this point due to dgrid3d I believe.

I think I can do this by overlapping two plots, but I feel like there must be an easier way.

Here is my script:


set dgrid3d 10,10,10
set hidden3d
unset key
set xrange [0:550]
set yrange [0:550]

splot 'CAPS_data.dat' using 2:1:3 with linespoints
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If you're comparing with only a few static points, you can add points via a labels:

set label 1 "" at X,Y,Z point

Otherwise, as you state, dgrid3d will turn that single point into a surface. The workaround for this sort of thing is to use a table and the plot your dgrid3d surface into the table. Then you can turn dgrid3d off and plot the surface with a different plotting style (e.g. pm3d).

 set table "grid_data.dat"
 set dgrid3d 100,100
 splot "datafile.dat" u 1:2:3
 unset table
 unset dgrid3d

 set term <whatever>
 set output <whatever>
 splot 'grid_data.dat' u 1:2:3 w pm3d,\
       'point_data.dat' u 1:2:3 w points
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That's fantastic - thanks for a quick answer too. – benrules2 Jan 29 '13 at 15:45

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