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In Rails, I'd like to be able to escape all my URLs using link_to across the board. What is the best way to do this?

Currently, the permalinks are stored in UTF-8. e.g. it's stored as: 水-water

I'm running Spree, so I would like to avoid overriding all the template files with CGI.escapes to achieve the same thing.

Other considerations:

  • Store the Escaped url in the permalinks column? (params encodes it to UTF-8 and then the sequel can't find it because it was stored in the DB as escaped)

Thanks in advanced! Justin

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Nevermind, link_to already escapes the UTF-8 properly. It was the browser already interpreting it making me perceive it as unescaped.

Using a Raw HTTP Viewer such as:

Helped see that.

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