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I have a query with a sub query to get the ranks of each row based on tune_value. If I try to fetch the results I will get a general error from the PDOStatement::fetchAll();. The exectute of the prepare statement doesn't seem to throw any errors.

I have the following query

SET @rank := 0;
         (UNIX_TIMESTAMP(NOW()) - UNIX_TIMESTAMP(tunes.creation_date)) as age,
         @rank := @rank + 1 as rank
  FROM tunes
  ORDER BY tune_value DESC
) as t
LEFT JOIN artists ON artists.id = t.artists_id

I prepare the statement using the following simplified php code.

   $stmt = $pdo->prepare($sql);

Is it impossible to do this subquery with php? I was thinking about maybe making a view of the subquery.

EDIT: To clarify the query works fine in phpmyadmin

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try to add your table name to artist_id, so t.artist_id. I also believe you cannot order within a subquery really. Might want to check that out. – Tikkes Jan 29 '13 at 15:39
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PDO doesn't support multiple queries in one call.
(Means PDO supports subqueries all right, it's just doesn't support multiple queries separated by a semicolon)
You have to call them one by one.
And to get errors from PDO, set this attribute


EDIT: This means the SET @rank := 0; is a separate query and should be queried in a separate call

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I have the flags on still it gives no more information than general error. If PDO doesn't support it would you advice to make a view out of the subquery? – automaticoo Jan 29 '13 at 15:46

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