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I have trained neural network by matlab nntraintool i want to have weights and bias. i have tried these function to get them

wb = formwb(net,net.b,net.iw,net.lw) [b,iw,lw] = separatewb(net,wb)

wb =

-28.5243 26.1019 10.2387 23.7000 -12.2929 14.6831 16.7075 -26.4566 9.4643 -24.0166 -26.8963 ...

b =

[20x1 double]
[     0.0411]

iw =

[20x1 double]

lw =

           []    []
[1x20 double]    []

can some one help me how to read them

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The easiest way is after executing these two commands:

wb = formwb(net,net.b,net.iw,net.lw);

[b,iw,lw] = separatewb(net,wb);

look inside your workspace, then double-click any of these variables (b, iw, lw) and then again double-click on those cells that say [# x # double]..

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