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Sorry if this supposed to be easily understood from the docs, but I didn't - if I spin up an EC2 instance using one of the easily available Ubuntu EBS-boot AMI's, install a bunch of stuff and move some files around under "/", and then I create an Instance-Store AMI using ec2-bundle-vol, will the data that was actually residing on the EBS volume mounted at "/" make it into the AMI?

Considering that from a user point-of-view, I would expect to find the same things under "/" in a future spin-up of my custom AMI, that I had in the original instance. It would also kind of make sense for Amazon to take a snapshot of the "/" folder to create my AMI (otherwise, what would one take a snapshot of?!), even though the AMI itself is Instance Store based while the original instance was EBS-backed.

Please help me understand this.

What I'm referring to:


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