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I'm using Java PNS to send notification. However, i'm getting the follwoing error:

javapns.devices.exceptions.InvalidDeviceTokenFormatException: Device Token has a length of [140] and not the required 64 bytes!eror has occusred:Device Token has a length of [140] and not the required 64 bytes!

        at javapns.devices.implementations.basic.BasicDevice.validateTokenFormat(
        at javapns.devices.implementations.basic.BasicDevice.<init>(
        at javapns.devices.implementations.basic.BasicDevice.<init>(

this how I created my device list:

List<Device> newList = new ArrayList<Device>();
            Iterator<String> tempItr = v.iterator();
            while (tempItr.hasNext()) {
                String myDeviceToken = (String) (;
                try {
                    BasicDevice device = new BasicDevice(myDeviceToken);


                } catch (Exception e) { // error=2; // notification issue
                    System.out.println("eror has occusred:" + e.getMessage());


any clue why it's giving invalid token format:

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This is wrong :

String myDeviceToken = (String) (;

It should be :

String myDeviceToken =;

EDIT : I was assuming that v was List<Device>, but you didn't specify the type of v.

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