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Can I run webkit.WebView object without GTK loop? I want to make a simple webkit-based headless browser and I do not need GTK anywhere - I don't display anything.

win = gtk.Window() # <------------------------+--- can I not use those?
web = webkit.WebView() #                       |
web.load_uri("http://example.com") #           |
web.connect("load-finished", get_html_source) #|
win.add(web) # <-------------------------------|
#win.show_all() #                              |
gtk.main() # <---------------------------------|

True that without show_all I don not display anything, but I still use GTK. I want to make the script multi threading and GTK is problematic here (the less modules I use the better for me)

(I use Python but this is not a python-specific question)

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No, that is impossible. webkit.WebView is built on top of the GTK toolkit and even if you are only displaying a web view, you still need a GTK window to put it in.

If you really don't want a GTK window, then why not open the page in the default browser?

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I want to make simple, automatic headless browser with JavaScript. It can be done easily with gtk and webkit, but I also want it to be used with multithreading – Jakub M. Jan 29 '13 at 19:48
That is not a good explanation of why it is impossible (if that is actually the case, I'm still looking for it). It makes perfect sense to not want a GTK window. I have a similar need, I'd like WebView to use the whole display directly with the minimum dependencies possible, hence GTK is a burden. – Jan Segre Apr 1 '15 at 22:39
You may have your reasons for not wanting a GTK window, but then you are using the wrong tool for the job. webkit.WebView comes from the WebKitGTK library, which as the name suggests, requires GTK. – ptomato Apr 2 '15 at 4:57

For a headless you can also use gtk_offscreen_window_new(). For gtk_main() and multi-threading consider reading the article "Multi-threaded GTK applications".

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