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How would I write something like this in ruby

 if( !cookies['isActive']){
    cookies['isActive'] = true

I was thinking of putting this in the application controller. Or maybe there is a better way.

I'm basically wanting to set a cookie if one is not already set. It should only live for the time the browser is open.

Then on the application view side I want to be able to see if that cookie is set if it isn't then I want to be able to run some script.

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Very simple operator: ||=.

cookies[:is_active] ||= true

Edit according to the comment:

To read/use it in the view, e.g:

<% if cookies[:is_active] %>
  You are active now
<% end %>
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So this would be in the controller. How would I call it from the view. Meaning how would I read the cookie from the view. –  user1096509 Jan 29 '13 at 17:18
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