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PushEnumerator becomes deprecated in Play framework 2.1-RC. The documentation tells me to use Concurrent.broadcast instead. However, I the data I'm pushing is dependent on the user, so I can't broadcast the same data to each user.

In other words, Concurrent.broadcast will give me one enumerator that connects to many iteratees whereas I need many enumerators connecting to many iteratees.

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I just realized I can call Concurrent.broadcast for each user, but maybe there is a more standard way of doing it? –  Mark Jan 29 '13 at 17:11
there is Concurrent.unicast[E] but it takes a Channel parameter which I never understood why and how to pass it. –  AhmedSoliman Apr 10 '13 at 9:49
@AhmedSoliman, there's no need for passing in the Channel, it is in fact provided to you by Concurrent.unicast. See the example below. –  nadavwr Apr 13 '13 at 1:38

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Here's a simple example for using Concurrent.unicast[E]:

// assume the following exist:
def readValueAsync(source: MySource): Future[Any]
val source: MySource = ...

// this is where the meat is:
val valueEnumerator = Concurrent.unicast[Any] {
  (channel: Concurrent.Channel[Any]) =>
    readValueAsync(source) onComplete {
      case Success(x: Any) => channel.push(x)
      case Failure(t) => channel.end(t)

// you can then collect it using an iteratee
// since my enumerator never really ends, I only take 10 elements here
val result: List[Any] = 
  valueEnumerator through Enumeratee.take(10) run Interatee.getChunks[Any]
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