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If I have a jqgrid that is properly initialized, and has elements/data. Is there a way for me to clone/copy the entire thing into a variable and then append it to another html element.

For instance.

<table id="ratioTable" class="d" ></table>

After the table has been initialized and data put into it... call a function in JS that does something like this.


Then in another function do something like this..

function setReportElements(){
    var report = $('#reportDiv');
    var reportElements = m_Settings.reportElements;
    for(var ix = 0; ix < reportElements.length; ix++){

The purpose for this is that I have several tables that I need to copy and put into a report. I figure the easiest way would just be to copy the entire table, and append it to my report div. Also this runs locally, so while performance is important I have some leeway.


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Okay... figured it out as soon as I posted. Go figure.

Anyways... add "gbox_" to the beginning of your table id and it selects all elements.. like so.

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