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I want to display a thumbnail image in a cell of tableViewController, this thumbnail image is located at some remote place (URL of address is in XML file) so which format of image is cost effective?

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It's mostly the same as on the Web, really. For graphics, PNG is generally more efficient; for photos, you'll want to pick JPEG.

I'm not sure whether the iPhone supports JPEG 2000 (OS X does), so that may be a more efficient options for photos.

Also consider tools such as optipng and jpegtran to shed some additional kilobytes off your image data.

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The recommendation for images in a UITableView is PNG, this has the best rendering performance.

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This probably the best answer of the bunch. PNGs are highly recommended by Apple for performance and picking the right image format could have dramatic performance on table responsiveness. – schwa Sep 29 '08 at 3:33

Create a sample thumbnail, convert it to PNG, GIF and JPEG, and see which is smaller.

Sometimes measuring is easier than guessing.

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