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I would like to modify an element of my xml. I have to query it to find it, and then I only seem to be able to modify a copy of it. I use: clientXML.querySelector("[id=XMLIssue-9]").childNodes[2].textContent; to isolate the element in question. I would like to just replace the element with this one newXMLIssue.childNodes[0]. They both have the exact same structure. I cant do:

clientXML.querySelector("[id=XMLIssue-9]") = newXMLIssue.childNodes[0];

because it causes an error to have the function on the left side of the equation. I also tried:

var x = clientXML.querySelector("[id=XMLIssue-9]"); 
x = newXMLIssue.childNodes[0];

but this only changes a copy of the element.

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You have to call replaceChild on the parent:

var parent = clientXML.querySelector("[id=XMLIssue-9]");

parent.replaceChild(parent.childNodes[0], parent.childNodes[2]);
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