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I'm trying to interface with software that just uses raw pointers for holding data. I feel pretty confident that I can avoid the issues with using shallow_array_adaptor if I make the wrapping vector instances const even though the documentation for shallow_array_adaptor claims that it is "very dangerous!".

I'd like to do things like:

using namespace boost::numeric::ublas
void f(vector<double>& acc, double* arr){ 
    // assume acc is already correctly sized, and arr is correctly allocated

   // this syntax is not correct, I'm pretty sure I'll have to construct
   // the instance of shallow_array_adaptor, but don't know how  to
   // get it to the vector's constructor 
   const vector< double , shallow_array_adaptor< double > > view( arr );

    acc+=view; // by wrapping the raw pointer, I get to use nice syntax here.

without having to copy the values stored in arr.

I'm not sure what I have to do to construct the vector such that it uses the given pointer as it's storage.

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Arrays and iterators behave the same. Use view.insert(arr, arr+size); –  andre Jan 29 '13 at 17:55

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