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I am running neo4j on a VPS at dreamhost.

I currently have my memory allocation set to 4Gig. I was under the impression that Neo4j would write to disk when it reached a RAM limit, however, my instance consistently peaks and crashes. Could this have something to do with running on a VPS?

Is there a way to tell Neo4j to only use so much RAM?

Trying to follow the manual I have tried to change the heap size of the JVM. Unfortunately I still suffer massive memory spikes and complete system crash.

Is anyone using neo4j on a VPS at dreamhost? Could you share some of the settings I should tweak get stable performance?

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You should read the chapter JVM Settings in the Neo4J Manual. The chapter about Memory mapped IO settings may also be relevant.

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I have tried to set the maxmemory of JVM to 3000mb but I still get a crash. I'm reading through those though, unfortunately, I haven't quite put all the pieces together yet. Was hoping someone may have had a similar issue and could put me on the fast track. ;) – P-Rod Jan 29 '13 at 18:56

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