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I want to send multiple attachments but not declaring them just octet-stream doing it right now like this

newsletter.attachments.each do |file|
  contend ="/"+file.filename, "r")
    attachment "application/octet-stream" do |a|
      a.body =
      a.filename = file.filename
end unless file.blank?

since not all clients can handel that, so is there a rails plugin that selects the mime-type based on file extension, or even content?

googled alot, couldn't find what i was searching for

or am I doing this completeley wrong?

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ended up setting an hash with the most used types and selecting based on extension, an octet-stream for the rest – Jakob Cosoroaba Sep 24 '09 at 9:33
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Use the mime-types gem: gem install mime-types

Should be used like:

attachment MIME::Types.type_for(cv.original_filename).to_s do |a|
  a.body =
  a.filename = cv.original_filename
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