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I could not find any pointers on how to create a menubar icon on OSX using wx. I originally thought that the wxTaskBarIcon class would do, but it actually creates an icon on the Dock. On Windows, wxTaskBarIcon creates a Systray icon and associated menu, and I would think that on mac osx it would create a menubar icon, I guess not.

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You have to set wxTaskBarIconType to STATUSITEM, not DOCK. The Cocoa APIs for this are NSStatusBar and NSStatusItem; here's the code in wxWidgets that calls to them.

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Hmm, I don' get it. That's C code. How do you set the taskbaricontype to STATUSITEM in Python? –  Rabarberski Jun 23 '10 at 20:53

This post by Robin Dunn, the creator of wxPython, explains that wxPython doesn't support menubar icons on mac yet. They only support the Dock.

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As of wxPython wx.TaskBarIcon will create a menubar icon now instead on OSX, so long as you call SetIcon.

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